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Soul of the East

The ancient rhythms and sounds of the Near East, with their Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Turkish and Israeli overtones, take on an exciting new dimension in these imaginative interpretations by a group of skilled musicians born in the USA of Near Eastern parentage. Leader, Buddy Sarkissian, born in Lowell, Mass. has been called the king of Near Eastern drummers.
The sheer skill and exuberance of the players, coupled with their modern conceptions and interpretations will provide a true listening thrill.
The tunes chosen for this album are numbers played during the group's night club and concert appearances. They have been arranged in a sequence that will generate excitement - and listening interest - from the first note to the last.

During night club dates, the group often features the artistic interpretations of folk dancers Lisa and Ahmad. Listen carefully and you'll hear the metallic glint of their finger cymbals (zils) in the background on many of the numbers.

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1. Mecca Interlude {3:00}
2. Tempo of the Veils {4:01}
3. Laurentien Dreams {2:50}
4. Drumselero {2:34}
5. Chifti Sands {3:15}
6. Caravan {3:21}
7. Turkish Nightmare {3:57}
8. Desert Moods {2:47}
9. Carribean Holiday {3:42}
10. 6/8 Delight {2:08}
11. Moorish Echoes {3:28}
12. Habeebe Village {3:12}


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